The Eagle Flats World Championship Road Race!

Oh, Boy, did we have a blast! Thank you to everyone who came out and made this special event so great. The kids were terrific, the parents understanding to a fault, and a good time was had by all (I lost my voice, to my wife’s great delight!)

The course was a brutal downhill suicide run, and the screaming winds coming off of the mountains didn’t help conditions any. Several accidents occurred during the races (thankfully, no drivers were injured).

Steve checks out the raceway to see that all of the parts are in working order.

Cathy made sure every driver had a legal, untampered vehicle for use in the race.

spectators-line-the-raceway.jpg The crowd gathered early to get the choice viewing spots along the raceway.

mark-officiates-the-race-with-steve.jpg Mark provided color commentary as the drivers screamed down the raceway. Pit crews were on hand to help in the event of a wreak (that final hump over the finish line was, apparently, brutal).

But what were they all racing for? Why, the loot, of course! Generously donated by Hot Wheels, Speed Leather, and the Vernon Plaza Theater! What a haul!

Our Eight Finalists pose in front of the prize table they are about to decimate!

Mark poses with second place winner Max Parsons and first place winner Andrea Rodriguez. Each racer will receive custom-sewn jackets (like the one shown) for Speed Racer and Racer X, donated by Speed Leather.

For more photos of the event, visit our space at Flickr!