Harry Potter Hoo-Ha

In just two weeks, we’re going to premiere the fifth Harry Potter movie, The Order of the Phoenix. The film looks great, and if you’re a fan of the movies or the books, you clearly don’t want to miss this one. In fact, we’re so excited about it that we’re going to be showing the film on Thursday night at MIDNIGHT for those of you who can’t wait to see it!

But that’s not all! The week AFTER next, when the seventh book is released, will be something special as well; we’re going to host a special book discussion group on Monday night, after the evening’s show, for those of you who want to talk about all seven Harry Potter books and related topics. You know they aren’t doing anything like this in Wichita Falls! If you’re a true fan of Harry Potter, you won’t want to miss it.

We’ll also have Harry Potter snacks and goodies and a few extra surprises as well. Stay tuned!