John Wayne Returns to the Vernon Plaza!

I am very excited, folks, because one of the great classic westerns is making a return appearance at the Vernon Plaza Theater for the weekend of Sept 28 – Oct 1. Yes, I know, it’s Vernon High School’s homecoming, but really, what better way to welcome out of town guests back to Big V than with a newly-reopened movie theater showing a classic western? See? You can’t think of anything either, can you?

But what is the western? I’m glad you asked. Here you go:
MWSLV poster

Now, I know you’re a John Wayne fan. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t live in Vernon, and you definitely wouldn’t live in Texas. It just wouldn’t be right otherwise. So, you have an obligation to get the word out for us, because nothing compares to seeing The Duke, in his element, twenty-two feet tall, as God intended. And it’s been a long time since any of us have seen The Duke on the silver screen, where he belongs (or Jimmy Stewart, for that matter). That’s why we’re going to bring in classic films from time to time; they are just as good as the movies being put out today. Sometimes, they are a lot better.

More news coming soon. Stay tuned!