Now Showing: June 13th—June 16th

The Vernon Plaza Theater WILL be showing the new Marvel movie, The Incredible Hulk. Unfortunately, Universal Studios won’t let us open the film in Vernon. That’s why we need YOUR help! We want to show Universal that Vernon CAN open blockbuster movies, and the only way to do that is to NOT go see them in Wichita Falls. We’d like you to pledge that you’re only going to see The Incredible Hulk at the Vernon Plaza Theater. If we can put up a big number for Universal, then they will let us open future movies, like the upcoming Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Don’t worry; we’ll make it worth your while. We’ll throw the big Hulk party that we were planning on doing, with lots of freebies, drawings, t-shirts, merchandise, and more. All you gotta do is hold off a couple of weeks, and we’ll blow the roof off of this place! Wait, maybe that was a bad choice of words…

Loot! Glorious Loot!
You’ve got to swing by the Concession Stand on your way in or out of the theater and take a look at some of the toys, graphic novels, cards, and games that we’re stocking. There’s nothing but good stuff there, folks, and if you don’t believe me, you can ask Mark whenever he’s around and he’ll tell you exactly why it’s all so cool! Be sure to sneak a peek at the new Batman HeroClix game–it’s awesome!

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The Happening Rated R*
Premieres this Week! From acclaimed director M. Night Shyamalon (Sixth Sense, The Village) this movie is a paranoid thriller about a family on the run from a natural crisis that presents a large-scale threat to humanity. Remember: He doesn’t give away his endings, and neither should you! Everyone in town is talking about this movie. Come see it now before someone spoils the ending for you (and it’ll probably be someone who went to Wichita Falls, don’tcha know…)

Fri: 7:00, 9:15, and MIDNIGHT! Spooky!
Sat: 4:45, 7:00, 9:15
Sun: 4:45, 7:00
Mon: 7:00
*Rated R for violent and disturbing images.


web 2 Kung Fu Panda Rated PG
FINAL WEEK! Po the Panda is the laziest animals in all of the Valley of Peace, but unwittingly becomes the chosen one when enemies threaten their way of life. DO NOT miss this film–EVERYONE has loved it! Get the kids together and come out this weekend!

Fri: 6:30, 8:45
Sat: 4:15, 6:30, 8:45
Sun: 4:15, 6:30
Mon: 6:30

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